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street performances


An allegory of the sower of life and the master of ceremonies of annihilation. Fire seen as a life-giving force and a dance competition as a metaphor of the culture of death. A performance which makes references to images of pop culture. One in which it seems our theatre managed to show the devil. »

The Song of St. Francis

A sequence of images showing the life of one of the most fascinating saints. The story of a rich knight who became the poorest of the poor. Far from being just an idealised hagiography, an en-deavour to tell about a man who wholly fell in love with Christ. A performance made of images which draw abundantly from the medieval poetics.


A street performance played at the anniversary of the Crystal Night. The story about the mystical world of a synagogue and a demonical circus, which respectivelly is to epitomise the world’s evil. It is about the love which can continuously rise from the ruins. A dark fable about the battle fought between good and evil. »


Why not? When the fire and its rich symbolical representation- pervade the biblical texts. “Exul-tet” tries to tell about a mystical journey of man in search for the sense of life- about dying and being reborn. A symbolic tale which is full of spectacular, painted by the fire images. »


The first programmatically "street-like" performance of the "A" Theatre. The history of the cre-ation of the world, the fall and deluge which is told in a universal language – that is graphic and full of cultural references. A total spectacle using all of the available means of expression- pro-jections, dance, stilts, fire and large-format scenography. »


An outdoor performance, however its first night was on stage, (played continually in both ver-sions). An attempt at making the most mysterious biblical book even more ”readable”. The apo-stle John witnesses the events regarding the Earth and the Cosmos- from the beginning to the end. It is presented as a monologue produced by an actor placed on an empty stage, which is get-ting materialised within the sequence of spectacular images. »

Advent Collage

A theatrical patchwork comprised of Advent and Christmas motifs. Five metres high marionet-tes, fire, dance and music tell the well-known story in a new way. An outdoor performance, played most frequently in the context of Christmas fairs. »


A winter time street spectacle based on an old christian legend of the delayed fourth king. The story of a man who during his journey to Bethlem following the biblical magi, squandered the gifts that he had brought with him while rescuing the ill, excluded and convicted. It is about that when we lose everything because of love- we are closest to it. »

scenic performances

Performance Pelikan

English version

Spektakl muzyczny, fuzja ekspresyjnych form misteryjnych i choreograficznych. Opowieść o zamordowanych za przekonania i oddających życie w imię miłości "męczennikach XX wieku". Teatralny dyskurs nad wiernością, ofiarą i braterstwem. [..] W przedstawieniu dokumentalne relacje zostają poddane artystycznej interpretacji, przenosząc widza w obszar uniwersalnych treści. To spektakl pełen sprzeczności -- gwałtowny, ale i subtelnie piękny; tragiczny, ale równocześnie otwierający przestrzeń na metafizyczną nadzieję moralnego zwycięstwa. »

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