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Theatre "A" is Polish independent, professional theatre company dedicated to producing religious musical performances based on originally created scripts. Amongst its productions there are 17 premiere shows, including the musicals: "Jonah", "Tobias", "The Song of Songs"; the musical performances: "Passion", "Nativity Play"; the biblical para cabaret: "5 Parables"; the oratorios: "Benedicti", "Neuma" as well as the theatrical performance "Pelican", and street theatre shows: "Apocalypse", "Genesis", "Exultet" and "Kaddish".

The theatre has performed on art festivals in Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as on the Polish street theatre festivals.

Theatre "A" seeks to combine the popular language of a musical theatre with the experience of the European theatrical avant-garde. While referring to Polish folk culture it incorporates originally created texts into biblical passages or old Polish literature extracts. Being inspired by folk dance choreography and music it extensively draws upon the heritage of other cultures.

The theatre is in search of beauty and the sacred. While touching upon relevant issues it strives to establish contact with the audience by means of a most universal language. Starting off from drama and music performances it moves on to explore new forms. By experimenting with elements of street performances, not shunning grotesque, turning to medieval mysteries for inspiration - it is inevitably heading for the "total theatre".

Theatre "A" is a theatre "on the road". In addition to productions at its home base in Gliwice, the company tours throughout Poland and internationally.

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